Installation Guide for ErwinJr2

Tge software is available as source code in Github: . You can directly donwload as a zip file, or using git to clone the repository, which helps to get further updates.

The software is a portable software, but it still requires an installation procedure to build C library and documents before use. All installation process is included in file.

The script do the following things:

  1. Compile the C library for OneDQuantum

  2. Tries the OpenMP version. The software is fully functional without OpenMP.

  3. (Optional) Build the documentation locally

  4. (Optional) Create a shortcut on desktop

The dependence packages are listed in requirements.txt. For windows users specifically winshell is also required to create a desktop shortcut.

Install under Windows

To install under Windows, Python is required, as well as a C compiler. For Python environment, Anaconda is recommended; for C compiler, Visual Studio is supported. Using GNU gcc and make is sometimes tricky on Windows, but let me know if you have a neat solution.

If you don’t have a C compiler, you may try the binary release, and extract the dll files in the zip file to OneDQuantum/

For Visual Studio project file is provided as OneDQuantum/OneDQuantum.sln. Automatic script in requires msbuild=<path to MSBuild> arguments to specify MSBuild.

The precedure to install the software is in Anaconda Prompt, go to the directory of ErwinJr2, run the following command

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install winshell
python --msbuild=[PATH to MSBuild.exe]

Install under MacOS and Linux

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

For MacOS specifically, to enable multi-processing with OpenMP, gcc is recommended but not provided in MacOS by default. If you have gcc installed via for example homebrew, than you may replace the second command with the following:

CC=gcc-9 python